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10 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture in Manchester: Safety Above All Else

January 25, 2023

10 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture in Manchester: Safety Above All Else

Moving furniture can be dangerous if you aren’t trained to do it correctly. At Expert Removals, we know how to safely move furniture in Manchester. To avoid property damage and physical injury, make sure you read these 10 safety tips before you make an attempt at heavy lifting. Safety should always come first!

1. Hire professionals. This is our number 1 piece of advice. Really, heavy lifting isn’t a job for amateurs. If you can, hire a removals company to move your furniture. Affordable ones like Expert Removals don’t cost a fortune but they’re worth their weight in gold.

2. Don’t go it alone. You’re much more likely to have an accident if you overexert yourself trying to move furniture alone. If you do have an accident, there’s nobody there to help you! This is why you should always move furniture with at least 1 other friend.

3. Plot out your trip. It’s better to notice any tricky angles, narrow corridors or steep stairs before you have a heavy furniture item in your hand. By plotting out your trip, you’ll have a better understanding of the challenges you’ll face and how to overcome them.

4. Move obstacles. When you’re plotting out your trip, notice items you could fall over or bump into and clear the space as much as possible. It’s much harder to see where you’re going when you’re carrying heavy furniture.

5. Deconstruct furniture. It might sound like a pain, but deconstructing furniture is worth it if it’s going to be safer to transport. Rather than try to carry a heavy chest of drawers down in one piece, remove each drawer and take down the structure. It’s a potentially longer but definitely less dangerous moving method.

6. Protect delicate items. Moving something made of glass? Make sure you wrap it in insulating material. Moving mats are made for this purpose but you could also use towels or blankets to protect your delicate items from damage.

7. Use helpful tools. Alongside moving mats, you might consider investing in straps and furniture dollies to make moving furniture much easier. This is why many people prefer to invest in a professional removals team: at Expert Removals, we have these items already, and we’ll handle the hard work on your behalf!

8. Lift objects correctly. You might think you know how to lift items safely, but it’s a good idea to watch a YouTube video and refresh your learning. Nobody wants to injure their back, after all!

9. Dress for the job. If you have flip-flops on your feet, you shouldn’t be moving any kind of furniture! Dress as practically as possible in order to protect your body from potential harm.

10. Load the van strategically. Don’t just throw items into the van; think about how they might move during the journey. The heaviest items should be at the bottom. Use the walls of the van to support large items. A professional removals team like Expert Removals in Manchester knows how to safely pack a moving van.

Cheryl Small

Cheryl Small

Cheryl Small is a removals expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She specializes in helping people move their belongings from one place to another. She is highly organized and efficient in her work, ensuring that her clients’ possessions are moved safely and securely. Cheryl takes great pride in her work, and her friendly and professional attitude makes her an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable and experienced removal expert. She is also adept at packing and unpacking, as well as dealing with any unexpected issues that may arise. Whether you’re moving within the city or across the country, you can be sure that Cheryl will provide you with the best possible service.

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